Email Marketing Specialist Training

What is the role of an EMS?

An email marketing specialist (EMS) is responsible for writing outreach templates and overseeing and editing CEI drafts.  It is not the responsibility of the EMS to find the leads.  A team of premiers will gather leads and will then share them with the outreach team.

Interacting With Clients

An account manager will speak with the client to gather as much information as possible about what their company does and what they hope to gain from our outreach efforts.  The account manager will then contact the marketing outreach team lead who will assign an EMS to a project.  After being assigned to the project, it is your responsibility to set up a call (either by phone or Skype) to discuss outreach strategy for this project.

Client Call

Your initial discussion with the client lets you find out the information you need to successfully write an outreach email draft.  Some clients may already have a template they would like you to use, but might need help editing it.  Use this opportunity to suggest changes that you think would improve the template.  During the course of the discussion, you will need to find out the following information:

  1. Company’s Unique Value - What sets their service or product apart from competitors.

  2. Target Audience - Which types of companies do they hope to gain as clients?  Are they primarily looking for startups?  Do they only want companies in California?  Should the companies be a certain size?  Much of this information will have already been provided to the account manager.  He or she will pass this along to the premiers doing lead genius for the project.  As you are sending out emails to the leads, double check that the premiers are only generating leads that meet the client’s criteria.

  3. Call to Action - What does the client want the email recipient to do?  This may include clicking a link or setting up a phone call to further discuss the product or service offered in the initial outreach email.

  4. Strategy Confirmation - Discuss the outreach strategy moving forward.  Does the client want to include CEIs in the outreach emails?  If so, how many hours should premiers spend writing the CEIs?  This is your opportunity to make sure that the strategy you work out with the client matches what they’ve discussed with the account manager.

  5. Admin - In order to send out emails, the client will need to set up a company email account in either the client’s name or the EMS’ name.  It is easier to set up follow up conversations if the emails are in the client’s name.  Clients may prefer to have their salesforce send the emails, or may prefer that you use tout instead of gmail.  

  6. Miscellaneous Questions - The client phone call is your opportunity to learn about the company and the services they offer.  Ask any questions you deem necessary in order to write quality templates for the client.

  7. Send an internal update via Dashboard that summarizes your phone call.

Writing Templates

Write two to three different template drafts that you can show to the client.  Make sure to follow the guidelines established during the client phone call.  You will want to put the  templates into a Google Doc.  Once you’ve finished drafting the templates, share the document with the client for him or her to review.  You can then move forward with outreach once the client has offered editing suggestions.


You will be given a group of two to three premiers to draft CEIs that match what the client wants for the templates.  Check the first ten CEIs that the premiers make to ensure good grammar and syntax, as well as that the CEI meets the criteria that the client established.  CEI specialists will be workers that have demonstrated solid control over the English language.  They will be trained prior to working on the project, but may come to you with questions throughout the process.  During the CEI drafting phase, you will supervise the premiers as they work.  You are also responsible for editing the CEIs.  Take a look at this document for detailed CEI instructions:

Staying Organized

EMSs are required to write a project summary that details all CEI writing and outreach instructions for the project.  See the project outline document for more detailed information:

Send a daily internal report for each project.  Be sure to include what was accomplished during your shift (number of CEIs written/edited, templates written, etc.) as well as any problems you may have encountered.  Attach links to any new google docs and be sure that everyone who has the link can view the document.  See the following document for a more detailed list of what is required in daily updates:

Team Rules

Each team member may accumulate strikes for not following proper procedures.  Most strikes will be cleared after one month as long as the offenses are not repeated.  Anyone with three strikes will be removed from the team.

The specific hours that you work each week are flexible.  As long as your assigned work is done by the end of the week and you meet client deadlines, you may do the work at any time throughout the week.  However, please inform your team lead when you will be online so your availability is known.  Please alert your team lead of anything that may conflict with the project schedule as soon as possible.  You will receive one strike for each deadline that you miss without discussing it with your lead.  These strikes may be cleansed at the discretion of the team lead.

All team members must send the team lead a breakdown of their hours in email format at the end of each shift.  Be sure to include all projects you worked on during that time.  This is how your time sheets will be verified.  You will receive a half strike each time you do not send in your hours to be confirmed by your lead.  These strikes may be cleansed after one month.

All team members must send an internal update to their projects at the end of each shift.  You should indicate what was accomplished during your shift and any problems you encountered.  You will receive a half strike each time you fail to send an update.  These strikes may be cleansed after one month.

Because you make your own time sheets, you are trusted to be honest about your work hours.  Marketing specialists who falsify time sheet information will be removed from the team and reported to upper management.