Do I need to go to the company website to confirm that the information in the resource I am using is accurate? Yes, check the "Home", "About", "Product" or "Services" pages to make sure the company meets the criteria set by the client.
I can not find the "About" page? Try going to the bottom of the home page, sometimes it is listed there.
If the client is sourcing U.S. based companies, can I add a contact which is located in another country? When ever possible please only use contacts that are located in the country the client is asking us to source.
If the client submits a list of companies they do not want us to source, should I check every lead against it? Yes, you will always need to do a check to make sure we are not sourcing leads which the client has instructed us not to.


Which email checker's should I use? Please use email checker provided by TC/JM/PM. http://goo.gl/QOi0tC
What should I do if I get conflicting information from different e-mail checkers? Go with the majority. 2 email checkers say the email is invalid and one email checker says it is valid, go with the majority--in this example you would not use this contact.
Should I send a test email to make sure it will not bounce? No, just because an email does not bounce back does not mean that it was delivered. Use the email checkers to confirm if an email is valid.
Can I use Rapportive to check if emails are valid? Although Rapportive is a good indication that the email may be valid you should still check emails using an email checker provided by TC/JM/PM. http://goo.gl/QOi0tC
If I can not find the contact's email can I use the company's email? No, these are referred to as generic emails. info@troi.net, sales@ventech.com, contact@umojo.com, thefrontporchsf@gmail.com
If the contact is from the UK could they have an email address that ends in .com? If the company URL has .com then yes, if the company URL is .uk no. http://www.parliament.uk/--email should be ...@....uk; http://www.cityhotelderry.com/--email should be ....@...com
Does the email URL always have to match the company? No, Sometimes an email URL may be a branch of the company or a short form for the company this information can usually be found on the website. Company is Polar Air-- Email is akokas@atlasair.com-- the company website http://www.atlasair.com/ shows that Polar Air is a branch of Atlas Air. Or this website http://www.polaraircargo.com/ shows Atlas Air is a majority holder of Polar Air. So the email is associated with the correct company.
Is it okay to use a contact's email if the URL is @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, etc. Yes, @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, etc are acceptable as not all companies have their own email URL. Rowan Companies--email is tim@gmail.com
Is it okay to use a contact's email if it does not match the contacts name perfectly? Yes, Some people use parts of their first name and last name for their email, vary the spelling of their name, use short forms of their name. Contact name may be Jack Box, email may be jkbx; contact name may be Kim, email may be kym; contact name may be William, email may be bill (bill is a short form for William).
Can I put more than one email for the contact in the a cell? No, one email per cell.
What does the column called QA Email Codes mean? When we run an email checker each email is assigned a code to describe the results for the email check. You can find a list of code descriptions at this link: http://goo.gl/7tCM4K

Phone Numbers

Can I add toll free numbers? No, Please do not use toll free phone numbers, unless the client has specified that they are acceptable.
What does a toll free number look like? There a 6 different phone numbers that are considered tool free. 800-876-4532, 888-123-3456, 877-876-9876, 866-765-8765, 855-098-7654
If a toll free number has an extension other than "0" can I use it? No, unless the client has specified that they are acceptable. (800) 704-9009 ext. 3102
If the client is sourcing U.S. based companies, can I add a phone number from another country? No, the phone number format must match the location criteria. Client is sourcing companies in NY phone # format should be (xxx) xxx-xxxx not +44 xx xxxx xxxx which is a U.K. phone number and does not match the location criteria.


Is there anything I should do each day before starting work on a project? Yes, Check the QA notes in the output sheet. Read the QA report located in the DB project thread. Check the DB project thread for any updates. If the project has an instruction page check there for any updates as well.
What should I do if I do not understand the project's instructions? Ask a TL/JM/PM.
Is the information in Zoom Info always correct? No, you always need to use your own judgement and verify any information you can on the company website.

Output Sheet Format

Can I just copy and paste the company name? No, Sometimes company names are formatted or spelled uniquely. You can usually find the correct formating and spelling on the "Home", "About", "Company" or "Contact" page. If in doubt use proper captialization. "AE Business Solutions is a leading....", "I-Linx is an inter..., " MobileWorks is a ...."
Is there a correct way to type in the information in the output sheet or can I just cut and paste? At all times proper capitaliazation should be used for the data being added. Jane Smith, William St., Software Company, Human Resource Manager. This tool is very helpful http://convertcase.net/.
Is there a correct way to type in the phone number in the output sheet or can I just cut and paste? At all times phone numbers must be formatted correctly. U.S Phone numbers--(123) 234-4567 & (987) 234-4567 ext. 34 . For UK Phone numbers check here http://www.area-codes.org.uk/formatting-city-guide.php#028
Should I add titles when adding the contact name. Please leave out the titles, just add the first and last name. Dr., Mr., Mrs., Ms, etc.
Should I add the information at the end of the company name? No, please leave out any letters at the end of the company name. Inc., LLC., ect.
Do I have to type out the state in full? No, you can use the abbreviations for the state but it must be in capital letters. CA, MA, MT, NJ, AL. You will find a list of state abbreviations here http://www.50states.com/abbreviations.htm#.UyHPMfldUhU
Can I just copy and paste the email? No, emails should always be completely in lowercase. craig.schmidtke@virteva.com
Should the output sheet have a column for each of the criteria the client has specified? Yes, We need to show the client how this lead meets the crtieria they set. Column examples: Company, Website, Company Type or Industry, Phone, Location, Revenue, Employee Numbers, Start Date, Contact Name, Contact Email. Contact Title, Contact LinkedIn.
Sometimes there are two URL's given when locating a contact in LinkedIn, which one should I add to the output sheet? You, should always try to add the LinkedIn URL which shows the contact's name. It is usually located under the dotted line of the white box containing their name. This is the linkedin URL you should add to the output sheet for Larra Elbert--"www.linkedin.com/pub/larra-elbert/0/194/80". If this one is not available. Yes, you can add the more generic one--"http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=442464&authType=OPENLINK&authToken=EqjW&locale=en......"
In the output sheet should I leave empty rows when I start adding leads for a new date? No, as this can cause a discrepancy when calculating number of leads.
Should I remove the QA notes after I fix an error? When you fix a error add a note in the "Action by Staffer" column as to your actions. QA notes should only be altered by a QA member.


When should I complete my timesheet? Please complete your timesheet as soon as you have finished adding leads to the output sheet.
What should I put in the note box of my timesheet? Please but the name of the tab and the row numbers where the data was added. Please put leads to M2-W3, rows 5-23.
If I do other work on a project other than adding leads can I put my hours all together on one timesheet? Please do not mix lead gen hours with any other hours on the same timesheet. If you did 4 hrs of lead gen you should have a timesheet for that and if you did 2 hrs of outreach you should have a second timesheet for the outreach hours.


If the client asks us to source the title of "Director" then can I use the "CEO" as a contact? No, A Director in a company does not have the same responsibilities as a CEO.
If the client asks us to source the CEO as a contact are there any other titles which would be acceptable? Yes President, Founder, Co-founder, Owner.
What is a C-Level position? They generally begin with the word "Chief" CCO (Chief Compliance Officer)
CEO (Chief Executive Officer)
CIO (Chief Information Officer)
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)
CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)
CSO (Chief Security Officer)
CDO (Chief Data Officer)
CVO (Chief Visionary Officer)
CPIO (Chief Process and Innovation Officer)
CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)