Outreach Training Manual


What is Outreach?

The Outreach process consists of reaching out to individuals at companies on behalf of our clients.  The list of companies, referred to as “leads,” are either given to us by the client or generated by a group of premiers through our LeadGenius service.  All leads will match criteria that the client specifies in order to only target those companies that would best benefit from our client’s product or service.  You will be supplied with instructions as well as one or more email templates for each project.

How Do We Execute Outreach?

This outreach process is executed using an email service.  The client may give us login information for an existing account, or will create a new one specifically for the outreach campaign.  The easiest way for you to get a grasp of what we will be doing is to see it firsthand. We set up an example account for you to get a feel for how you will be sending outreach emails.  Navigate to Gmail (www.gmail.com) in your browser and login with these credentials U: mw.demo.outreach P: trainingmw1.

The first thing we will focus on is constructing the emails.  Click on the drafts tab in the list on the left and open the email you see there.  We will not send this draft email.

Many email templates will require very little customization before sending.  The most common fields we will be changing will be the contact’s name and company name.  They are to be replaced with the respective information for each lead in every draft email you compose.  You can find this information on the lead spreadsheet that you are supplied for this project.  

Additionally, some customers request that we customize the emails to each lead beyond just including the contact’s name and company.  We achieve this by adding custom email inserts, or CEIs for short:

“A CEI (custom email insert) is a statement that email marketing specialists utilize to make outreach emails more relatable to the target.”

Take a moment to familiarize yourself with CEIs by reading over the training document from the link below:


Leads for Outreach

As previously mentioned, the leads we target for outreach are either provided by the client at the beginning of the campaign or found through our LeadGenius service.  Leads are then recorded into a spreadsheet that both the client and MobileWorks can access.  The leads will then be sent through a rigorous quality assurance process to make sure that they all meet the client’s standards and criteria.  We’ve created a sample spreadsheet to give you an overview of what to expect when working with leads during outreach.  See below:


Each spreadsheet will include an abundance of information about each lead.  We will typically only utilize the contact’s first name, company name, and a CEI (if applicable) to customize the template.  However, this may vary for each project.  You will receive campaign-specific instructions before beginning outreach.  Be sure to carefully review these to ensure we are accommodating our clients’ wishes.  Take note of the QA columns out to the right.  We only contact leads that have been approved or edited by QA.

Be sure you fill out the “Date Contacted” column, or its equivalent, as you proceed with the outreach campaign.  This is to ensure that we do not contact a lead more than once.  Additionally, there may be more than one premier working on the project at a time.  Filling this out will ensure that you are not sending emails to the same leads.  This information will also be utilized for projects that will have a follow-up email stage.

Outreach Templates

An email marketing specialist will work with the client to draft and edit any email templates that will be used for the outreach campaign.

Here is an example Google Doc with that includes different versions of templates that may be used for a campaign:


Sending Follow-up Emails

Occasionally, a client will request that we send follow-up emails to leads that did not respond to the initial outreach campaign.  An email marketing specialist will work with the client to create one or more follow-up templates to use for this process.

Documenting Your Work / End of Shift Updates

Communication is vital to the success of all MobileWorks projects.  Whether it is sending a client update or sharing information about the project with the team, proper communication will determine the success of a project.  Therefore, each individual is required to send a daily internal report for each project that they worked on during their shift through the dashboard. Be sure to include what was accomplished, any problems you may have encountered, as well as any additional information that is crucial to the project’s success. Any team member that fails to complete this step may be subjected to disciplinary action and payment delays.

Checklist for Starting Outreach

Whether you are assigned to an email or phone campaign, we must ensure that the task is performed exceptionally and that we provide the client with the best service possible.  The following is a checklist that will put you on the road to success right from the beginning of your assignment:

Email Campaign:

  • Set up/prepare the email templates that you're going to use

  • Set up/prepare the subject lines that you're going to use (included in template)

  • Email account information (email client, login credentials, etc.)

  • Obtain the client’s preferred outreach schedule (Mon-Thus recommended)

  • Ask how they want us to document the progress

  • Ask how often they want us to send updates

  • Ask how they want us to handle responses

Phone Campaign:

  • Set up/Prepare the script

  • Obtain the client’s preferred outreach schedule (Mon-Thus recommended)

  • Ask how they want us to document the progress

  • Ask how often they want us to send updates on the progress

  • Ask how they want us to handle responses

Tips for Completing a Successful Email Outreach Assignment

·      While it may be tempting to copy and paste the name and company name, take the extra few seconds to type them out manually.  Gmail has known formatting problems when pasting from outside sources.  These problems make our emails look like spam and will cost additional time to redo them.

·      ALWAYS double-check the templates before using them for an email campaign. All templates are thoroughly copyedited by both the marketing specialist and client.  However, typos can slip by even the keenest of eyes.

·      Be sure to check for updates prior to beginning any outreach work, even if you have worked on the assignment previously. There could be critical changes for the work to be done that day and/or special requests/updates from the client. Review the dashboard and email thread to be certain of everything.

Team Rules

Each team member may accumulate strikes for not following proper procedures. Most strikes will be cleared after one month as long as the offenses are not repeated. Anyone with three strikes will be removed from the team.

Please alert your team lead of anything that may conflict with your assigned project schedule as soon as possible.  You will receive one strike for each deadline that you miss without discussing it with your lead. These strikes may be cleansed at the discretion of the team lead.

Be sure to update your individual worker’s timesheet at the end of each shift. This is where your hours entered in the dashboard will be verified and how you will be approved to be paid. You will receive a half strike each time you do not update this information. These strikes may be cleansed after one month.

All team members must send an internal update to their projects at the end of each shift. You should indicate what was accomplished during your shift and any problems you encountered. You will receive a half strike each time you fail to send an update. These strikes may be cleansed after one month.

Because you make your own time sheets, you are trusted to be honest about your work hours. Anyone who falsifies their time sheet information will be removed from the team and reported to upper management.


When a new outreach project is started, DO NOT commence with the live outreach without due approval from a Team Lead or Premier Manager. This is to ensure that everything is in accordance to the client’s wishes. If you proceed without proper approval from one of these individuals, you will be automatically dismissed from the team.

As a reminder, you must abide by all rules and regulations that are discussed in the Premier Team Handbook while performing outreach. General and disciplinary policies are covered, as well as a breakdown of MobileWorks strike system can be found at: