QA Faq for TC/JM/PM


How do I notify the QA team if I have a new project which needs to be QA'd? Please add a "QA-unassigned label" to the project in the DB thread and add a note regarding the project in Deone's Hipchat even if she is not online or it is her RD. Deone will receive an email alert and a text message on her mobile alerting her of the message submitted via HipChat.Her response time is less than 30 minutes. ***It is important to note, when typing your PM in HipChat, please send all information in a single string. Meaning do not hit the 'Return/Enter' key until you have completed the entire message. It is important to note that each time you hit the 'Return/Enter' key she receives multiple messages to her mobile.*****
If I need corrected leads to be QA'd, what should I do? Add an internal note in the project DB thread, noting the tab and rows needing QA'd.
How do I let the QA team know if there are special instructions or updates to a project? Please but a note in the interanl part of the DB project thread.
Does the QA team search the website to see if the company meets the criteria? No, QA only checks the information on the output sheet, it is the workers responsibility to ensure that the information they are adding meets the client criteria.
How do I know which QA team member is assigned to my project? There is a tab in the All Projects tracker which lists the projects and the QA team member assigned.
I need to send an update today, will today's leads be QA'd before I send the update? If you have noted in the ToDo list the days that updates are due to be sent to the client, QA will attempt to make sure all leads for that day are QA'd.
What does the column called QA Email Codes mean? When we run an email checker each email is assigned a code to describe the results for the email check. You can find a list of code descriptions at this link:
What information does the QA team check on the output sheet? Scan emails to make sure contact and email match.
Scan emails to make sure the email URL and company name match.
Scan phone numbers to make sure there are no toll free number listed.
Scan phone numbers to make sure they match the location.
Scan emails to make sure there are no generic emails.
Scan titles make sure they meet the criteria
Scan LinkedIn URL to make sure it matches the contact name.
Scan company industry/type to make sure it meets the criteria.
Scan location to make sure it meets the criteria.
Scan the website URL to make sure it matches the company.
Scan other data to make sure it meets the criteria the client has listed.
Run emails through email checkers and post code on output sheet.
Check for missing data.
Check for duplicate emails.